Sojourner Truth And The Truth Essay

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Sojourner Truth Sojourner Truth once remarked, in reply to an allusion to the late Horace Greeley, "You call him a self-made man; well, I am a self-made woman” (Gilbert, v). This quote digs deeper into the leadership of what Sojourner Truth’s journey was all about. Truth’s greatest commitments for women’s suffrage stood alongside of her remark to Greely. No woman was just to be a housewife or slave to her own family, but to be able to enjoy the world as man did. Sojourner Truth was an important figure in American History because she helped create a pathway for the ideas of feminism and the justices of racial equality. Sojourner Truth whose name was originally Isabella, was born within the year of 1797 (Butler). Truth was one of twelve children to James and Betsy who were slaves to Colonel Ardinburgh, Hurley, Ulster County, New York (Gilbert 13). Truth was the youngest of her siblings who was of six children who weren’t sold away from their parents. Truth’s parents were considered “good” slaves because they were obedient to their master Ardinburgh, from showing their devotion and honor. Soon after Sojourner Truth’s master died, they were able to become freed slaves due to her father being a burden to take care of now that he was unable to work as he had before. Sojourner Truth was a woman filled with power through her connection with God. Truth was solely impacted by the events of experiencing a slave auction, and winning a trial in which she sued the master of her son
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