Sojourner Truth : Black Truth

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The 1800s were not the best time to be a woman in America. They were also not a good time for the thousands of people that enslaved in America. Sojourner Truth was both of these things and worked her entire life to get the rights she deserved. Though she never lived to get all of her rights, she was an influential figure in working towards these rights. Sojourner Truth was one of the most famous orators of her time, speaking out against slavery and inequality to anyone who would listen. Being born into slavery, Sojourner Truth witnessed many injustices and, as a result, worked her entire life to fight for the rights of others by using her gift in public speaking to promote the abolition of slavery and women’s rights, and also worked to help freed slaves.
Truth’s experience with slavery was most likely a major factor that resulted in her being so passionate about abolition. Sojourner Truth was born into slavery in 1797 in New York. Her birth name, given by her parents, James and Elizabeth Baumfree, was Isabella Baumfree. Her first owner was Dutch, and therefore, her first language was Dutch, only learning English after she had been sold at the age of nine to an owner who abused her when she did not understand English. Along with English being her second language, she was illiterate, as most slaves were. Being both illiterate and with English as her second language, Truth’s popularity as an orator is even more incredible with these obstacles she had to overcome. As a slave,
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