Sojourner Truth Essay

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Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was able to prosper with her spiritual beliefs despite the trials and tribulations of slavery. Sojourner Truth's stability was made possible by a strong belief in the Holy Spirit. God was the major source of guidance and will power from the beginning of the slave trade until the end of slavery. Slavery was orchestrated on a mass scale and caused the separation of many families in order to make sure that slaves would remain with their masters. Reverence to slave owners was considered to be sacred. Slaves were mentally programmed to believe there masters were gods. The wives of the slave owners were seen as goddess's.

The continuous work routine Sojourner endured was difficult for males to
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"He lives in the sky," she replied, "and when you are beaten, or cruelly treated, or fall into any trouble, you must ask help of him, and he will always hear and help you." She taught them to keel and say the Lord's Prayer.

Sojourner was rated second class by both her slave master and his wife. At the same time, the master was very appreciative of the slave that would work for days upon days without sleep. Unlike any other slave Sojourner would work whole-heartedly without any form of hesitation. Although Sojourner was highly noted as a slave she was always looked at as something that was disrespectful of a human. This oppression was motivation enough for Sojourner to become more ambitious than ever to please him. He stimulated her ambition by his commendation, and by boasting of her to his friends, telling them that "that wench " (pointing to Isabel) is better to me than a man- for she will do a good family's washing in the night, and be ready in the morning to go into the field, where she will do as much at raking and binding as my best hands."

Sojourner was scorned by fellow slaves for her hard work under such barbaric circumstances. Her efforts to please her master caused fellow slaves to taunt her as being the "white folks nigger".

As Sojourner grew older, men took interest in her despite scorning from the other slaves. Robert a slave from another family fell in love with her. He followed his heart instead of his master's orders.

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