Sojourner Truth Speech

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Does the name Isabella Bomefree ring a bell when learning African American history? Isabella was an African American born slave on a farm in New York. If you are still confused on who Isabella Bomefree is that mean you do not know the past of the great Sojourner Truth. We all know Sojourner Truth as the African American woman who escaped slavery and became a great women’s rights activist and abolitionist. The famous “Ain’t a woman” speech given by her in 1851 expressing her feelings about the antifeminism debates. Truth’s life was long lived and very respected through everything she has been through and by her opening eyes of many. Born Isabella Baumfree in 1797, Sojourner Truth was one of 12 kids to James and Elizabeth Baumfree in the town of Swartekill, in Ulster County, New York. The Baumfree family was the property of Colonel Hardenbergh, and stayed on the colonel's land in Esopus, New York, The land had once been under the Dutch, and both the Baumfrees and the Hardenbaughs communicated in Dutch in their everyday lives. After their master died the Baumfrees were split up and auctioned in 1806. Truth but back then known as "Belle" at the time, was sold at an auction with sheep for one hundred dollars. Her new master was a man named John Nealy, who was brutal and evil toward Truth. Throughout the following two years she was sold twice more to two different men. Truth was sold to a man named John Dumont in West Park, New York, throughout the years with Dumont she learned how to speak English. Sojourner Truth had a daughter with another slave named Robert whom she never saw again due to Robert’s slave master not wanting them to be together. Two years after never seeing Robert, Truth married a slave also owned by Dumont named Thomas. Thomas and Truth had 3 children in total, one son and two daughters. John Dumont made a promise to Truth that he would grant her freedom if she would do well and stayed faithful. Years after Dumont decided not to give Truth her freedom because of her hand she could not be of any use to Dumont any longer. Truth decided to escape with her infant daughter in hand and leaving behind her son and other daughter. Dumont illegally sold Truth’s only son, Peter to a man going to New
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