Sojourner Truth 's Speech, Aint I A Woman Essay

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There have been many trials and tribulations among minority groups around the country all for one thing, freedom. Although America is known for being the home of free will and individual rights, many times across history this has not been the case. Several groups of different race, gender, and sexual orientation have fought to receive the same rights as other citizens of the United States. Sojourner Truth’s speech “Aint I a Woman,” exemplifies the want individuals to have freedom. She questions the idea that because she is black and a woman she should not receive the same treatment as her fellow white man. As with many of the minority groups fighting for their rights, it did not come easily or with little effort. African Americans struggled with segregation and lynching among other things. Women were also including in having no rights, and even today do not receive equal pay amongst their men coworkers. More recently other groups have started to form with the feeling they do not have the same unalienable rights as many other Americans. The topic of homosexuality and marriage has been a recent triumph in American history for some, and for many a drastic change. Among all the controversial topics of individual freedom, the movement of the “right to die” is a questionable one. Many dodge the subject and consider it assisted suicide, while others believe it is just another unalienable right promised by the Constitution of the United States of America. Many of these cases had not
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