Solar Bottled Light Bulb

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“Solar Bottled Light Bulb” An Investigatory Project In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Chemistry February 20, 2012 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, this research or study would not have been possible without the help and support of many people. The group would like to extend its utmost gratitude to Mrs. Jocelyn Pama, the subject teacher who abundantly helped and offered invaluable assistance, support and guidance to this project. Same thing goes to the High School Science Laboratory for providing the laboratory facilities. Thank you for the working scholars who profusely takes time to give service during our experiments and activities held at the laboratory. Deepest gratitude is also due to the members of…show more content…
The group conducted this study entitled; “Solar Bottled Light Bulb” for it is a way to help to provide light in homes using solar energy and the most interesting part of this alternative light is that it can light up like a 55 watts commercial light bulb. The group generally aims to come up with a light bulb with the use of solar energy and with the use of liquid bleach. Specifically, the group would like to find out if the amount of liquid bleach used will affect the brightness of light being produced between the experimental variables named light bulb A and B. Furthermore the group also aims to figure out if the finished product would work properly and efficiently just like a commercialized 55 W light bulb. The researchers hypothesized that there is no possibility that a light bulb will be able to produce light with the use of solar energy and liquid bleach. This study aims to provide an eco-friendly sustainable light source for households in the Philippines. This only covers the reactivity of bleach and the components of water. The bleach is highly oxidized chemicals and together when mixed with water forms a layered clear like crystals characteristics that enable the light to trap on its full surfaces, which light forms dramatically. Methodology Materials: • (2) two empty 1.5 liter soda bottles • liquid bleach or chlorine • rubber sealant • masking tape or packing tape • wooden mini
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