Solar Cell Advantages And Disadvantages

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F. Hybrid solar cells
Hybrid solar cells are the combination of two different compunds, where amorphous silicon cells combine with nano crystalline cells or with materials such as CIGS.These form the Hetrostructure between amorphous Si:H layer and C:Si wafer. Its efficiency is found to be around 21%.


Crystalline is more preferred since amorphous silicon cells suffers from the various inherent defects in the lattice. The doping of amorphous Si:H which increases the concentration which further causes reduce in life of the cells. Therefore, the stability of crystalline silicon is more as compared to amorphous silicon cells. If the amorphous silicon cells are projected in continuous light then they undergo light dependent degradation due to which its efficiency reduces. On the commercial basis its efficiency is found to be 10%.


Hybrid means combination of two or more than two. A device that combines a silicon solar cell with a triboelectric generator that can harvest wind energy is known as Hybrid Power System. Basically these devices are powered by the renewable energy sources like sun and wind. . Solar energy enters from the rooftops and fom the windows. However, a large amount of wind still gets wasted in cities—normal wind turbines are not suited to urban areas because of their size.
Instead of depending on the wind to spin a rotor, the device makes use of the triboelectric effect, the same
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