Solar Cell Essay

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Solar Cell Practical Report 2011 Aim: To find the amount of power generated from a solar cell with a light bulb by using a multimeter. Hypothesis: The further you move the solar cell away from the light bulb the less power will be produced. Backup statement: I can support my hypothesis through my own given knowledge on power and electricity. I can comprehend the facts that, if the Light Bulb was generating a large amount of heat and light, the solar panel would be absorbing a majority of this energy if it were to be extremely close to the light bulb. Yet if the solar panel was to be drawn away, it would slowly lose that energy due to the distance of the panel. Variables: -Dependant: Power output…show more content…
Thus I believe that the Method was able to deliver a successful process and assist the group in performing to our maximum effort. Results (Table): Distance (cm) Distance (cm) Distance (cm) Distance (cm) 1 1.883 1.3 2.4479 4 1.867 1 1.867 8 1.44 0.4 0.576 12 0.902 0.2 0.1804 16 0.702 0.1 0.0702 Distance (cm) Voltage (V) Current (A) Power 1 1.423 0.3 0.4269 4 1.102 0.2 0.2204 8 0.801 0.13 0.10413 12 0.675 0.09 0.06075 16 0.559 0.07 0.03913 Results (Graphs): Discussion From the results that were received in the practical, it was learnt that the power produced by the light bulb decreased, as the solar panel was drawn further and further away. From the hypothesis that I had created it was learnt that if you move the Solar panel further away from the light bulb, there will be less power produced. It was interesting comparing the results between the standard Power vs. Distance practical and the alternative Power vs. Distance Practical with a paper interruption. During the testing of the Power, there were some slight irregularities in the dramatic decreases for the practical. This can be highlighted through the distances of 4cm and 8cm on the standard results, with a drop of almost an entire watt, with the other distances dropping at only at a normal rate. This may have occurred due to an inaccurate measurement or a faulty Solar Panel. Hypothesis: If
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