Solar Cost Of Solar Energy

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Studies have shown that 88% of americans believe in good environmental impact on the earth. However, 52% of the surveyed believe that government subsidization will help protect environmental services such as selling organic food or using solar panels for energy instead of electricity (Franchise Help). Solar energy is being adopted by businesses like Target who operates over ten projects to conserve energy and reduce waste. The solar program of Target has generated over 15- 30% of the power in their stores and plan to have an estimate of five hundred roof top panels by the year 2020 (Target). Although solar energy is expensive and risky, in fact businesses going solar will save money and increase media response. Solar expenses depend on the quality of the panels which have been built in all shapes and sizes. These Solar panels are not only accessible to companies and science labs alone, but for regular citizens to connect to their inner green selves. However, the amount of willingness to pay depends on the quality of panels you want, crystalline silicon comes in various forms from monocrystalline to polysilicon panels. Monocrystalline panels are the most expensive panel but top grade silicon that is highly efficient rate of 15- 20% (Maehlum). While the average cost of solar panels alone range from $15,000 - 40,000 depending on size and watt usage of 3- 8kW. Cost for Storage batteries though are on a spectrum from $340 to over 20,000, storage isn't necessarily required
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