Solar Eclipse Research Paper

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To me, theatre is a solar eclipse. Everyone knows about it. There are pictures and videos all attempting to capture the unfathomable beauty. But, when all's said and done, it must be experienced. A recording of a solar eclipse, just like a recording of a show, can never encapsulate the wonder from experiencing it in person. Even though it means it's harder to access and experience theatre, it's one of the reasons I fell in love with it.
I started engaging in theatre in sixth grade, playing a nun in the ensemble of The Sound of Music. My mind opened to all sorts of shows, and I began listening to everything from Carousel to Little Shop of Horrors. I joined the school's advanced theatre class and then went on to high school. In ninth grade I
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I enjoy being an audience member. I am an avid theatre fan - I collect playbills, listen to cast albums, and go to shows whenever possible. Some of my fondest memories are from going to the stage door, where I can meet and interact with the actors. I have even sent letters to some actors, and I cherish their replies.
Thus, theatre is an integral part of my life. I spend time on stage, backstage, and in the audience. All of these experiences have led me to the conclusion that theatre is a solar eclipse. Every moment must be cherished. Any piece of theatre, from a Greek tragedy to a modern romantic comedy, has the potential to alter someone's life.
That is why I want to make theatre more accessible. "Accessible" is quite a vague word in this context, which is precisely why I chose it. Making theatre more accessible means everything from integrating methods for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to enjoy shows to forming programs to growing theatre programs in underprivileged schools. Proshots and cast recordings can help bridge gaps, but it is not
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After all, it's where I've seen many Broadway shows and where I sang at Carnegie Hall. But the way it inspires me transcends those experiences, as wonderful as they were. During one of my trips, I stood on the edge of a New York City sidewalk, waiting to cross the street to get to a theater. People surrounded me on every side except directly in front of me, where cars moved past me. Somehow, a miracle happened - for a moment, surrounded by people and cars and noise, I felt completely alone. When I returned to reality, I thought about the millions of lives and stories contained on Manhattan Island. It was overwhelming, yes, but it also made me realize how incredible New York City truly is - not because of its theaters or skyscrapers or parks, but because of its people. I always say that cities have an urban heartbeat that send sparks through me, creating inspiration. But feeling alone in New York helped me to realize that the urban heartbeat I feel is made up of the people who create the city. Truly, no place better demonstrates this effect better than New York City. I know I will keep returning there because of this effect, as it inspires me more than I can
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