Essay on Solar Energy: A recyclable means to an end

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Gas like water is a natural reserve and the general public often forgets that just because we see it and use it everyday does not mean that it is forever abundant. “Natural gas has limited reserves and is subject to erratic price fluctuations. (Indeed, natural-gas prices have tripled since 1998) (Wright-p.385)! If we are not careful and responsible, these resources can be depleted completely and we can destroy the earth at the same time. There is however a natural resource that is forever unlimited and that can supply us with almost the majority of our energy needs: The Sun. This paper is going to discuss some of the current policies in place to deter America from a life of dependence on oil, and using solar energy as a renewable energy,…show more content…
By choosing the word option there is no real standard or hanging responsibility for the general public. It’s just an option. The only way that we can wean American’s off of oil is to make it their responsibility too. Of course the government should be held responsible for the letting its country become so dependent on a money-sucking pollutant, but we the people kept letting it happen. One deterrent that has prevented the US from growth are the oil lobbyists. Just as America struggled to quit smoking and tried to become aware of the dangers, lobbyists were there fighting for the tobacco companies to keep America smoking. One of the major reasons we haven’t seen progress towards a greener government is because we have companies in America that have all of their money tied up in the oil industry. Of course they want us to keep driving gas-guzzlers and heating our houses with oil and they are paying people to make it so. But we are seeing light at the end of that petroleum-lined tunnel. As gas prices are rising, and there is more media attention on the necessity to move away from our oil dependence habits, car companies are becoming more accommodating. More cars are being built that are more energy efficient, or

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