Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Comparison between benefits and drawbacks of developing solar energy in Hong Kong
Comparing solar energy’s benefit as an infinite clean energy source and the problems of environment and pollution
In order to acquire solar energy, it is familiarly known that facilities are need such as solar panels and solar collectors which require to be manufactured. During the procedure of manufacturing, pollution will be caused when manufacturers and factory workers do not care about dump treatment and utilization of resources used to make the solar devices. During the manufacturing process, air quality may be worsened because of the waste gases or even toxic gases diffused from the production of solar-cell. In accordance with the Worldwatch Institute, a major
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As Hong Kong has limited land, there may not be enough space for the installation of solar panels. As developing solar electricity requires a large vacant area, having few pieces of large vacant land may be a disadvantage of Hong Kong. Also, the amount of solar energy generated would be limited to the size of the solar panels or collectors. This is why a large proportion of people commented that solar energy in a densely populated city like Hong Kong might not be feasible or not value for money. However, the “limited space” argument can be indeed overturned if it is proved to be feasible to place solar collectors on the roofs of the high-rise buildings in Hong Kong. Being a renewable “green” energy, solar energy is actually worth the price and should continue to be developed as an infinite energy source, even in a crowded city like Hong Kong. If solar energy remains to be undeveloped in Hong Kong, Hong Kong may not be able to sustain its energy supply in the future. Sustainable Development is a worldwide trend nowadays and it would be beneficial for Hong Kong if we develop sustainable energy sources as early as
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