Solar Energy : An Reliable Source Of Energy

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1. Introduction: Populations have increased and so have the energy demands. Various forms of pollution have increased as countries industrialized. Electricity generation by industries emits soot mass, sulphate aerosol and water vapor into the atmosphere thus contributing to the ever increasing pollution. Most counties rely of fossil fuels like oil and natural gas to sustain domestic energy needs. This trend is being reversed in both China and Saudi Arabia with both embracing solar energy. Solar energy has proved to be the best option for electricity generation and the best choice to replace the oil . Producing electricity from solar energy is cheaper as compared to conventional power production.Solar energy ensures both economic and environmental sustainability .However , is it possible for the solar energy to be the most reliable source of energy? , And if it is possible what is the best sloar panel?. 2. Literature review : SohZheng Yang states that the solar energy will be a very efficient source of energy in the future and that because of its benefits economically and also naturally to the environment.He also says he hoped to find other ways to get benefits of the solar energy(Yang ,2011).On the other hand , according to Nick Gromicko ,solar energy has some drawbacks.One of the main disadvantages of the solar energy is the clouds because its reduces the power of the solar power to about tenth the amount in a sunny day as The National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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