Argumentative Essay On Solar Energy

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Everyone lives on the same planet, and future generations will continue to inhabit this special planet. It is vital that the world we live on is well preserved and able is able to remain habitable. Natural oils remove precious and limited sources and are not good to rely on in the case that it will eventually run out. Furthermore, solar energy is also one of the fastest growing industry in America, and it has employed over 120,000 workers (Green Mountain). Renewable energy releases little to no emissions, making it environmentally friendly. Solar energy is able to be renewable since it is an unlimited resource. Over time, solar energy can save people money and make competition in the solar energy industry. Solar energy has vastly more benefits over fossil fuels for both the environment, economy, and it will be better for the future generations.
Fossil fuels are going to eventually run out, and humans need an alternate energy source that will be consistent and will not fluctuate. An issue with fossil fuels is that there is only a set amount that can easily run be all used up. In the late
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The government is offering incredible tax credits and rebates to encourage homeowners to switch to renewable energy. The amount of solar rebate can cover 30% of the solar power system cost. The government is supporting people because they know that will be better for the economy and that is the main priority for them. Adding solar panels to your roof can also add more home value to your house. They can add up to another 10% value of your house(Livinggreen). The lifespan of solar panels last as long as 40 years, and manufacturer gives the customers a warranty on the product of anywhere from twenty-five to thirty years. Solar panels can you people a great deal of money, and at the same do something which is better for the
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