Solar Energy Definition, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy

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Title: Solar Energy Definition
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Meta Description: Learn how solar panels harness the power of the sun to create a clean and renewable form of electricity that can save you money on energy costs.

Simply stated, the definition of "solar energy" is energy that is created by the sun. In the context of modern usage, "solar energy" may refer to technology that converts radiation from the sun into usable energy sources, such as electricity. In essence, solar panels gather energy from the sun 's rays and send the energy out through a process that results in electricity, that can be used to power homes, machinery and much more. Solar energy is a sought-after source of alternative energy because the sun offers a clean, renewable and cost-effective resource as long as it continues to burn and power life on Earth.

Where It All Begins
Solar energy from the sun begins with a fusion process called the PP, which is short for "proton-proton," chain. The PP chain begins with gravity, as the core of the sun is extremely dense due to immense gravitational forces. The protons from hydrogen atoms in the core resist the force and create energy, which makes the temperature rise. The energized protons engage in violent collisions and eventually fuse to each other to create helium. Helium atoms begin to stabilize and release energy in the form of electromagnetic waves that
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