Solar Energy Disadvantages

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In today's world we are using fossil fuels to power our electricity, but at the same time it is hurting our world. The transfer to solar energy would benefit our world in every aspect you can think of. Scientist are finding new ways to use solar energy to its full potential and will only get better in time. Most people don't know how advanced our technology is with solar energy. The main reason why solar panels aren't as popular right now is because people think that they are too expensive, even though they drop price every year. From previous research, it is quite obvious why the United States should switch to solar energy. Some of those reasons are, solar energy has the potential to be something that can save the world, there are many drawbacks that solar energy has but the benefits of using solar energy is the key to its success. and the cost will begin to decrease as the years go on due to advancements in technology. Solar panels have been around for quite some time now. The first solar panels ever used where for heating purposes. The Romans used very large windows facing south to warm buildings. The next known idea of solar energy was in 1839 when french scientist named Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel was the first to observe the photovoltaic effect, in which an electrical current or voltage, develops in material that is exposed to sunlight. Becquerel found that a system of two electrodes suspended in an electrically conductive solution increased its electrical production when exposed to sunlight. Thirty-seven years later, in 1876, English scientist and professor William Gryllis Adams and his student Richard Evans Day discovered that selenium produced electricity when exposed to light. Solar cells constructed in this way could not power electrical equipment, but the discovery showed that it was possible to produce electricity from sunlight directly. Then in 1954 American scientists Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson at Bell Labs in the United States introduced the first solar cell capable of converting energy from the sun into enough electricity to power electrical devices. The 1960s saw the development of the space program and the use of photovoltaic cells to power equipment on spacecraft and
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