Solar Energy Disadvantages

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Now we will talk about the experiences of some developed countries in the exploitation of solar energy as renewable energy and their planes for development in this filed and the areas in which these countries planning to use the solar energy. ( )

Germany Ten thousand megawatts: Germany is one of the most countries use of solar energy, and plans because the rate of use will be 100% by the year 2050. In view of the year 2009 alone, we find that Germany has installed 3,806 megawatts of solar power generators; any more than the full capacity of solar energy Spain, and nearly eight times what the United States has recently install it.
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3 500 megawatts: for as long as Spain was the leader in the field of solar energy use in their capacity of 2008 amounted to the equivalent of Al2605 megawatts, but abandoned this position in favor of Germany, so the sharp decline in that year's event in 2009, where Spain is the time did not ride only 69 megawatts only. However, Spain is expected to return to the top spot this year.
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2,700 MW: Maybe it is the sudden occupation of Japan to third place, but it plans to achieve an ambitious goal through access of 28 gaga watts by 2020 and 53 gaga watts by the year 2030. Note that Japan has in 2009 invested $ 9 billion for the program of solar energy is currently planning the government for the use of solar energy in 32 thousand schools.
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