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Solar energy is better for the environment than energy derived from other sources. Even though it is the most difficult source of energy to channel, solar energy can provide great amounts of resources for the environment as well as market venture, if proven effective. The fact that solar energy comes from the sun, makes it the most desired source of energy. Without solar energy, oxygen and food would be rare to find; mostly from the fact that the sun brings forth all life on planet Earth. The idea that the sun itself could be a cash cow has those from environmental engineers to scientists trying to find ways to harness its immense energy. Students from across the world as well as accountants use solar energy more than anyone else,…show more content…
The venture for solar energy first came into existence from Edmund Becquerel, a French physicist who observed and published findings about the nature of materials to turn light into energy but sadly they were not pursued, until thirty years later when Auguste Mouchout was the first man to patent a design for a motor running on solar energy. Charles Tellier, was also a Frenchman whose work in creating preserved foods through refrigeration, experimented with a non-concentrating/non-reflecting solar motor. He installed the first solar energy system for heating household water on top of his roof. Today, all across the world there is more focus in utilizing solar energy. As Becquerel, Mouchout and Teller were pioneers for advances in the past, modern day has its shares of crafty inventors. Recently, a group of environmentalist in Oregon, lead by Mark Dixon called “Your Environmental Road Trip” (YERT), are building the first solar roadways, in which they plan in the future will span to all fifty states. Dixon and his crew by using solar energy to power highways are saving money for the state as well as the consumer. By using garbage from the local land fields to generate the durability of asphalt, solar highways are able to sustain the pressures of vehicles with mass such as transferee trucks, while at the same time creating storage space for solar energy. In an interview regarding how did he plan to revolutionize highways using solar energy, Dixon stated, “If

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