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Solar Energy There is a bright future for solar power (no pun intended). On the average sunny day the sun shines approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter, enough energy to power all of our electricity needs and excess(“How”). This plethora of power and will be utilized in the future because we can't afford not to. It is predicted that in 100-500 years our fossil fuels will be depleted: this means that alternative sources of energy will be a necessity (Exxon). We consider solar power a renewable resource because it is conitinuosly supplied to us by the sun. When discussing solar technology it is generally broken up into two different categories: photovoltaic and solar-thermal technology.…show more content…
Grants, Loans, and Green tag programs all exist to entice people into turning to solar(EPA). People need to be more informed and more of these types of programs need to exist in order to increase the demand for solar power. PA currently offers a 10 Percent Investment Tax Credit, this tax credit is available for businesses that invest in or purchase qualified solar energy equipment(EPA). Consumer demand for clean renewable energy and the deregulation of the utilities industry has sparked interest in: solar, wind, geothermal steam, biomass, and small-scale hydroelectric sources of power(Cnn). Small commercial solar power plants are already popping up in some markets. Because solar energy has zero emissions and does not produce any solid waste it is very appealing to consumers(“Sunny”). Only the land consumed by photovoltaic systems is considered a issue. Double digit growth is expected from both wind and solar technology, based on both increased public subsidies and technological advances over the next 20 years(“Sunny”). However, because they currently make up such a small percentage of our total power consumption, less then 5% of our total power consumption will be from solar at that time. 20 years ago (PV) was 50 times as expensive than traditional energy resources. That number has increased to 4 times as expensive currently: this shows promise for the future of affordable solar technology (“The Future”). Our planet

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