Solar Energy Industry Indi Problems And Prospects

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To meet demand-supply gap in the energy sector of India has led Government to tap solar energy that is sufficient to meet the annual demand of residential, agriculture and residential purposes. Solar energy sector is driven by demand and supply side factors, and it has the excellent chance to be World leader in this area if it tackles its challenges efficiently. Government can focus on establishing mini-grids to cater the needs of remote regions, implementation of renewable energy certificates, carbon trading and supporting more entrepreneurs to boost the growth of solar energy sector in India.
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Solar Energy industry in India: Problems and Prospects
As per November 2014, India has a total installed power capacity of 255,012 MW. 59% generated from coal-based power plants like Neyveli Lignite Corporation (TN), Singrauli Super Power Station (UP). 17% produced from Hydel power projects like Sutlej dam, Bhakra Nangal project, etc. 12% from renewable energy resources like biomass, solar and remaining from nuclear and natural gas. Due to fast depletion of non-renewable fossil fuels like coal most of the countries are shifting towards renewable energy resources like Solar, the Wind and Hydel power projects.
India has been consistently a power shortage nation with demand and supply gap of 12% of the total energy demand. With its proximity to the equator, India has a potential of generating 1900 billion units of solar power annually. Solar

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