Solar Energy Is A Great Source Of Renewable Energy

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Solar energy is now a great source of renewable energy. Due to the limited stock of fossil fuel, solar panel systems become more popular day by day. Now Industries, houses and defensive forces are using solar panel systems to generate power. The solar panels generate power from sun radiation. Solar cells are also known as Photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunlight with a specific frequency hits metal, loosely bound electrons emit from the metal as shown in Figure 1. A potential difference is created in between the cathode and the anode. When the anode and the cathode connect, current flows. Solar panel systems use this mechanism to generate power. Then, generated power is carried out to the battery to store and distribute to the load. The main obstacle for solar panel systems is night and cloudy weather, due to low solar radiation. Figure 1: Electrons emitted from metal with solar radiation Many procedures and complications involved with the system. It is necessary to know how the panel produces power in various conditions. The procedures of storing the power in the batteries and what kind of batteries need to be used is also necessary to know. However, power distribution is also an important term that needs to be learned for solar panel installation. Synopsis My final project will be a sun tracking solar panel system. Stationary solar panels are not capable of generating the same amount of power throughout the day as the sun moves. If solar
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