Solar Energy Is The Best Type Of Energy

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When you close your eyes and think of solar energy, what do you see? Your response is most likely something positive such as an innovative, efficient, and renewable step forward into the future. Solar is also thought of to be the best type of energy because the sun will never go away. Well, solar energy will have to battle it out with natural gas and oil in the near future. “As the price of oil and natural gas continues to drop, solar energy looks less desirable as other sources become more affordable in the short term” (Sanburn 38). Josh Sanburn, author for Time Magazine, does have a relevant point while discussing solar energy’s competitors. The handful of solar energy’s positives makes it easy for the green thumbed consumers of today to overlook the many negatives. The negatives are very important though when on the topic of something that could possibly determine the future of the whole world’s energy productivity. The number one issue with the continuation of solar energy is the price. The main solar energy companies try to sell their panels by repetitively saying that the panels will save money in the long run. Yet solar energy was the most costly energy source for kW/hr in 2015. The rooftop-solar craze is wasting billions of dollars a year that could be spent on greener initiatives. It also is hindering the growth of much more cost-effective renewable sources of power. Solar energy is able to stay relevant because of the large amount of subsidies placed by the

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