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Someday, our energy sources are going to run out. What will we do? What can we do? Our major source of energy now is fossil fuel. If that were to run out, there must be an alternate way to get energy. Because of this problem, there has been a lot of research going on. Through that research, alternate ways to get energy have been developed. They include wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, tidal energy and many more. In this paper I will focus on the aspects of solar energy. I will look at the history of solar energy, cover the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy and then finally I will talk about the concept of solar energy (how it works) and ways that solar energy can be used in your everyday life.

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He began his researching around 1860 and in 1861 he was given the first patent for a motor working on solar power. However, Mouchout’s first model wasn’t quite the best one ever. He did a lot of experimental work and finally came up with a model that worked a lot like our models work today. Eventually, his solar energy system worked well enough to power a steam engine. Over the years, Mouchout kept making changes to his invention so that it would work better. Throughout those years, he made big improvements and in 1878 he exhibited his in invention in Paris. Mouchout was awarded a metal for being capable of building such a device that used the sun’s power to make ice. However, his whole invention was shot down by the government because the price of coal had dropped and alternate energy sources weren’t needed as much.

Although Mouchout stopped his research, other individuals in the following years also took a shot at it. In late 1878, William Adams felt that a solar tower model would work better so he began construction. Just like Mouchout, Adams impressed many people but they didn’t think that it could compete with other sources of energy such as coal and wood. Soon after he displayed his model, he stopped experimenting because he had already proven that his model did in fact work. In 1885, another person, Charles Tellier, also looked into making a model that dealt with solar energy. Tellier was successful;

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