Solar Energy Paper : The Sun

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Solar Energy Paper Every single person who lives on Earth has once seen that big ball of fire in the sky we call the sun. However, what does this bright light do other than blind our eyes and make us wear sunglasses? The sun is a large star that is located in the center of our solar system that is responsible for many things such as Earth’s gravity, temperature, and climate. This celestial star also provides a bright, shining light throughout the entire solar system we use to see, even at night when the moon reflects the light from the sun off of its surface. The sun is able to produce such as vast amount of luminous energy because of its extreme temperatures. Near the center of the sun the temperatures can reach as high as 15 million degrees Celsius while the sun’s surface still reaches a staggering temperature of 5600 degrees Celsius. (Sharp) Now obviously the Earth is not this hot because of how far the distance is between our planet and the sun, but it can still get extremely hot during the summer months. This just shows how powerful the sun is and how much it controls in our solar system. Even though the sun can get really annoying with its heatwaves and sun burns, we really do not appreciate how much that flaming ball does for the Earth we live on. For example, without the sun’s heat it provides, every body of water above ground and below would be completely frozen. Everything living on Earth from the small bacteria that inhabit mold to the animals that thrive in the
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