Solar Energy : Solar Power Systems For Houses And How The Humans Benefited From It

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This research will discuss solar energy in three points which are what solar energy is, solar power systems for houses and how the humans benefited from it. Solar energy is the light and heat which are coming from the sun, and a human create them for his benefits since ancient time ago. Also, solar energy is the important kind of green energy. Moreover, humans have used them by using a range of modern technology that is constantly evolving. It includes harnessing solar energy technologies using thermal energy of the sun either directly heated or within converting mechanical movement or electric power, or to generate electricity through phenomena Photovoltaic (PV) using the panels of photovoltaic cells’ effort. In addition, a human has used solar energy architectural designs that rely on the exploitation of solar energy process, solar energy is a sustainable energy and is not implemented also it is a natural source of energy, and can be used to generate other forms of energy. As well, the great contribution is that solar energy will assure the other energy unsustainable sources such as oil and natural gas. According to Dickon and Matt “Coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, which today supply two-thirds or more of global power, are not about to disappear. But even at its currently low rates of market penetration, solar power has begun to shift the economics of electricity. This is the dawn of the solar age” (2015, para.28). Also, it will decrease using other sustainable

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