Solar Energy.The Form Of Electromagnetic Energy Emitted

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Solar ENERGY The form of electromagnetic energy emitted from the sun and generated by means of a fusion reaction within the sun. There are little terms regarding the solar energy. A valuable source of terms is the ISO 9488:1999 standard, which gives the solar energy into three languages:- Absorber Component of a solar collector that collects and retains as much of the radiation from the sun as possible. A heat transfer fluid flows through the absorber or conduits attached to the absorber. Absorptance: - The ratio of absorbed to incident solar radiation to that of incident radiation. Absorptivity is the property of absorbing radiation, possessed by all materials to varying extents. Absorption air conditioning Achieve a cooling effect…show more content…
The vogue of these system is based on the fact that relatively simple systems are involved and solar water heating systems are generally viable. This category of solar systems belongs to the low-temperature heat applications. The world’s commercial low-temperature heat consumption is estimated to be about 10 EJ per year for hot water production, equivalent to 6 trillion m2 of collector area . In 2005, about 140 million m2 of solar thermal collector area were in operation around the world, which is only 2.3% of the potential . A solar water heater is a combination of a solar collector array, an energy transfer system, and a storage tank. The main part of a solar water heater is the solar collector array, which absorbs solar radiation and converts it to heat. This heat is then absorbed by a heat transfer fluid (water, non-freezing liquid, or air) that passes through the collector. This heat can then be stored or used directly. Because it is understood that portions of the solar energy system are exposed to weather conditions, they must be protected from freezing and overheating caused by high insolation levels during periods of low energy demand. Solar photovoltaic (PV): The transmutation of sunlight directly into electricity by using photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic systems can be lodge on rooftops, integrated at the top of building designs and vehicles, or scaled up to megawatt scale power plants. Solar cell :-A solar

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