Solar Energy : The Importance Of Solar Power

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he popularity of solar power seems undiminished even after decades of its discovery. It was what everybody was raving about in the 70's. The popular frenzy over solar power continued well into the 80's too. What is surprising to note is that solar power is still enjoying tremendous popularity even today. So what makes solar power such a 'hot' idea (no pun intended) even after all these years? The first, and clearly the most important reason, is economy. If you've ever wondered if there is such a thing as free energy, well, solar power is the closest you can get. The sun is a massive storehouse of abundant energy. Solar energy is virtually limitless. For millions of years, solar energy has supported life on earth. And now, thanks to modern science and technology, the same energy will help keep our homes warm and bright, especially during those cold winter days. This is the time when alternative is going mainstream. At least, in the field of energy generation and commercial power production. The need of the hour is to produce abundant quantity of 'green', renewable and low-cost energy in order to stop putting excessive strain on or natural resources.

How can solar power help us?

That great ball of fire up in the sky that we call the sun is the ultimate source of much of the power that is generated and used by man. Solar power is full of potential and has many benefits of which some are obvious and a few others that are not so easily realized by us. In fact, the sun has
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