Solar Energy : The Ultimate Renewable Resource Manish Kumar

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SOLAR ENERGY IS THE ULTIMATE RENEWABLE RESOURCE Manish Kumar (EE B.Tech) Universal Institute of Technology, Garhi (Hisar) Abstract-The energy availability is essentially needed for all living beings in life .The energy resource like coal, natural gas and petroleum products are non-renewable fossil fuels .These are finite and can be used for limited period of time. Non-renewable resource are also cause environmental pollution .In India various energy source include coal(48%),natural gas (21%,),nuclear (20%),hydro(6%),solar ,wind ,biomass(3%) and other resource (2%).The average energy demand per capita in India 631 kwh(1.7 kwh/day)which is lower as compare to developing countries. Solar energy is the energy with help of which we can generate electricity directly used for heating and cooking .For generation of electricity we use photovoltaic cells or we can say solar cells .India is acclaimed for its sunny areas most of country receive more than 4 kwh/m3/day with more than 300 sunny days per year in most of part of country. Solar energy is free from air pollution, indefinitely sustainable ,helps in preventing the fossil fuels that is why solar energy is the ultimate renewable resource.…
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