Essay about Solar Energy and Storage

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1. Introduction

As fast increase in energy depletion is nearly related to an increase in a population, people face several environmental problems such as decreasing energy resources, global climate change and greenhouse emission. The integrated systems for combined generation of useful outputs are spreading around the world fast, since they offer diverse advantages, such as higher efficiency, low operating cost. Energy application choices are restricted by thermodynamic principles. Comprehension of exergy application methods can help identifying. An integrated system energy manufacture process refers to a system more than three different purposes, including electricity, cooling, heating, hot water, fresh water, hydrogen, oxygen and air, chemical with the same sources of the input energy.

Analyses of the integrated systems process including tri-generation and poly-generation have increased throughout the past decade so as to reduce energy consumption and also succeed more sustainable and economic energy production system. There are lots of advantages of integrated energy manufacture systems, such as minimized energy and exergy losses, reduced greenhouse gas effects, decreased material waste, reduce in fuel use and material consumption relying on increase exergetic efficiency and decrease harmful gas emissions compared to other systems for electricity generation, heating, cooling, drying and air conditioning. Energy generation and utilization choices are controlled by the…