Solar Energy is Superior Essay

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Persuasive Essay: Solar Energy is Superior! Did you ever think about where your drinking water comes from? The water that we drink was initially sea water that has undergone a scientific process called desalination. Desalination is a chemical process in which natural compounds are separated from water, making the water clean and drinkable. Traditionally, sea water is propelled through hydraulic pumps which create a flow to separate the water from the sea salt. Hydraulic pumps require certain chemicals that are harmful to humans and these chemicals sometimes are cross-contaminated in the drinking water being produced. Personally, I don’t want to drink chemicals that are threatening to my life and that cause harm to the environment. Many…show more content…
With high fluid levels, these toxic chemicals can easily seep out of the pump and spill out into the surrounding area. No one would want their family or friends’ drinking water that contains high amounts of traces of lethal chemicals that can kill if enough is consumed. I don’t think anyone would want to consume water that was created by a company who destroyed the environment as well. Hydraulic pumps destroy ecosystems and can kill any living organism in the system.
However, with solar power desalination, the desalination process does not require toxic chemicals, and it doesn’t hurt our environment. Energy is absorbed from the sun via solar panels which all heat a large stored area of sea water. The sea water is boiled by the collected heat causing it to turn into a gas. The gas molecules of water condense to the surrounding wall, and loose kinetic energy. With a loss of kinetic energy, the vapor turns to liquid. The end product is liquid water droplets and other substances, mainly salt, completely separated. The water is clean and ready for consumption! Solar power is environmentally friendly and resourceful, and does not in any way hurt the environment like the harsh artificiality used in hydraulic pumps.
Hydraulic pumps are also significantly more costly than solar powered desalination plants. This isn’t that surprising considering solar power is completely cost free! According to a website of a desalination company,,
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