Solar Flares and Its Contribution to Global Warming

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Abstract This paper talks about the solar flares and how they go on to cause global warming. Global warming has been an ongoing phenomenon and there are many reasons it has occurred. Apart from the green house effect, global warming could have been due to the solar flares that have occurred. Different researches and theories regarding this matter are discussed in the paper. Solar Flare Global warming is a phenomenon that has amazed and frightened everyone ever since it came into being. The consequences and end results of global warming is what goes on to alarm and frighten everyone on earth. If looked at it literally, global warming is basically in increase in the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. This change and elevation has been occurring ever since the 19th century and is known to increase even more. The change in the global temperature is dangerous because it goes onto increase the sea levels and alterations precipitation, melting of glacier and possible risks of floods around the world. Global warming can even cause a spread of the deserts (Lu, Vecchi and Reichler 6) People have come with varied causes of global warming. Some natural causes are the release of methane gas from the wetlands and the arctic tundra. It has been proposed that the temperature of the earth is influenced by the activities that man carries out. (Michaels 222) Others have proposed that this is due to the climate change that the earth goes through after a certain amount of time.

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