Solar Heated Grill

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An Investigatory Project

Submitted by:
Jian Ruiz Mangampo
Roberto Miguel Nopuente
Ermann Rosales
Ralph Balagtas
IV- St. Thomas More

Submitted To:
Ms. Ma. Ivy Neis


We would like to thank following for their endless help in making this Investigatory Project:
a. Our Parents who are always there to guide and support us in all our activities, encouraging us to do more and to give more of ourselves.
b. Our teacher, Ms. Neis who is always there nourishing our hunger for curiosity, allowing us to submit some chapters even late.
c. Friends and classmates who keep us alive all the time.
d. Lastly, to our Creator, who gave all
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Glues, muskin tape barbeque sticks,andhotdogs.yummy.The conversion of an old carton box into a solar heated grill is the main concern of thisresearch. The output can be done by properly assembling it
Estimated Time Frame: 2 Days
Definition of Terms
For purpose of clarity, the following terms used in the study are hereby defined.
Hotdog - A commonly-used (but etymologically obscure) term for a sausage that isusually eaten in a bun with ketchup, mustard, and/or relish.
Grill - .Outdoor cooking appliance .To cook food above charcoal, gas or other means of heat. (typically outside) .
Tin Foil - A wrapping substance to keep food freshSkewer - is a thin metal or wood stick used to hold pieces of food together. They areused while grilling or roasting meats, and in other culinary applications.

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature
Proper grilling doesn’t come from propane or charcoal. Either can be used to produce tasty results. No, the most important aspect is high heat management. Getting your grill hot enough to give that grilled flavor on your steak without turning it to ash is an art. That’s why this new solar powered grill has me weary. It’s not an electric grill that runs on solar power, it’s literally a grill that cooks with the sun. Cool idea, yet I can’t help but fear it provides mediocre fare for the paper plate.
The Solar-Grill uses a flexible mirror to aim the suns rays at the black “barbecue cup” to

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