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Solar Heating It seems self-evident that, as a global society, we must transition eventually from the nonrenewable fossil fuels we currently rely on to renewable sources of energy such as biomass, wind, and particularly solar energy. The latter, though it involves some difficulties, which we will discuss shortly, is especially attractive, I think, because its source is the energy provided by the sun, which is so vast that, according to some, “if it could be effectively harnessed, two days’ worth of solar energy could provide more power than all known fossil fuel reserves.” (Duke Power) Because I will be getting a house of my own in just a few years, I decided that an interesting topic for study might be…show more content…
The tanks can be made of steel, fiberglass, or concrete, but ultimately I might lean towards a wooden tank with a plastic liner, because wooden tanks cost less, but are still just as effective. This will also make the first decision easier, since, by the rules of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), wooden solar heat tanks can only be constructed indoors. The cost of active solar heating systems vary, depending on the size of the solar collectors, the heating degree days for the area, etc. Unfortunately, since 1985, the federal government has stopped giving tax credits to homes heated by renewable energy sources, but this is somewhat offset by the relatively reasonable prices of solar heat — between $30 and $80 per square foot of collector area. (Health Goods) Passive solar heating Of course, passive solar heating is also an option, but one that is more feasible before a site has actually been built, because the design requirements are so specific and stringent. The key is constructing huge windows facing the south to receive the sunlight coming in there. An important component of the passive solar system, is neighboring the south side of the house with deciduous trees to cool the house in the summer and let light in during the winter. Furthermore,

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