Solar Installation Firms

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INTRODUCTION People, Profit, planet are the three focuses of sustainable business. Social sustainability focuses on people and community, Economic sustainability focuses on Profit, and environmental sustainability focus on the Planet. With this in mind we are going to look at a budding industry that is profitable and sustainable. Solar installation is a budding industry that creates jobs, clean power, and profits. To gain a better idea on the health of the solar industry we will be looking at Employment statics and federal subsidies in this paper. We will also take a look at the largest solar installation firm in the US: Solar City. Figure 1: Evolution of global PV cumulative installed capacity 2000-2012 (MW) Current State of Solar PV Industry In U.S.: Currently, the US solar industry is in a phase of rapid growth. There are a number of firms competeing for market share. This market structure combined with governemtn subsities are allowing the price of solar to drop significantly. As a result the solar industry is very healthy. The solar industry has seen an exponential increase in production capacity. This capacity saw an increase of 41% in 2012 alone to an overall capacity to 4,751 MW. **CITE NEEDED In the overall energy industry, soler has seen an increase in total market share from 10% in 2010 to 29% in 2013, second only to natural gas. There is no doubt that the overall drop in the costs of solar has played a role in this expantion.
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