Solar Panel For The Greenhouse Effect

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Abstract: Energy is one of the issues that is causing the most controversy as fossil fuels are the greatest pollutants and the greatest contributors to the greenhouse effect .The increasing importance of environmental concern, fuel savings and unavailability of power has led to the renewal of interest in renewable energies. It therefore stands to reason that developing countries whose energy consumption rate is increasing at a very fast rate should be investigating new energy systems based on renewable energies that do not pollute and which are inexhaustible such as the Solar system. In this paper a simple, reliable and effective solar panel charging system has been introduced consisting of a solar panel of desired size and shape. This…show more content…
Energy is the convertible currency of technology. Without energy the whole fabric of society as we know it would crumble; the effect of a 24 hour cut in electricity supplies to a city shows how totally dependent we are on that particularly useful form of energy. Computers and lifts cease to function, hospitals sink to a care and maintenance level and the lights go out. As populations grow, many faster than the average 2%, the need for more and more energy is exacerbated. Enhanced lifestyle and energy demand rise together and the wealthy industrialized economies which contain 25% of the world 's population consume 75% of the world 's energy supply [1]. The use of new efficient photovoltaic solar cells (PVSCs) has emerged as an alternative measure of renewable green power, energy conservation and demand-side management [2]. Renewable energy is the only hope and it is the area of latest research which needs a revolution to make an effective solar panel charging system for the regulation of the flow of current to the desired output and saving the battery from receiving extra voltage and increasing the life. 2. Modelling of PV Cell PV generators are neither constant voltage sources nor current sources but can be approximated as current generators with dependant voltage sources [3]. During darkness, the solar cell is not an active device. It produces neither a current nor a voltage. However, if it is connected to an external supply (large
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