Solar Panels: A list of Items Related to Solar Energy

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Solar Panel Solar panel is the interconnection of number of solar module to get efficient power. Solar panel is made up of solar cells. Earlier solar cells are of low efficiency and large in size but now a day very high efficient solar cells are available. Solar cell prize much higher, it is difficult to afford solar energy. Solar Cell: Solar cell is a structure that directly converts solar energy into DC electrical energy. Solar cell acts as battery because it supplies DC energy. History: First time solar cell was developed by French Scientist Antoine-Becquerel in 1839. Becquerel obseved photovoltaic while experementing with electrolyte solution. In 1941 first silicon cell was demonstrated, but research on modren solar cell was started in 1954. Solar Cell Output: Solar cell produces .7 volts, size of solar cell do not effect on the efficiency of solar cell. No matter how much large and small in size. More current will produce when surface area is large and less current will produce when surface area is small. If we need more battery charging power, we need high output cells. Solar cells directly produces dc current. Function Of Series And Parallel Cells: Series Solar Cells: Series wiring is when you connect positive terminal of one end to negative terminal of another end . After connecting terminals we will obtain higher voltage (the sum of voltage from the panels) while the amps stay the same. Parallel Solar Cells: Parallel wiring is when you

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