Solar Panels And How It Will Affect The Future

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I am researching solar panels in order to find out how solar energy works and how it will affect the future to help the world have a more efficient energy source. Solar panels have impacted the world dramatically. The cost of solar panels is cheaper than any other energy source. People in some states are even saving up to $150 per month by switching from gas energy to solar energy. The future of solar panels is increasing everyday with new upgrades and new materials being used. There has been some controversy about if solar panels will really help you in the long run, but after a certain amount of time you will pay back the cost of installation and end up saving money. In order for the solar panel to work photons or light particles release electrons from the atoms in the solar panel which creates electricity. A solar panel has smaller units called Photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic means “changing sunlight into electricity” which is what a solar panel does. The Photovoltaic cells link together to create the whole solar panel. The Photovoltaic cells need an “Electric Field” in order to work. An electric field is when two poles that are opposite to each other with a negative charge on one and a positive charge on the other. Photovoltaic cells do not need direct sunlight to work, but it is best to face them towards the sun. The metal in today’s solar panels is called Silicon, but there are more than one type of Silicon. Even though regular Silicon is used most there is

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