Solar Phone Screens Advantages And Disadvantages

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A solar cell is defined as energy of light being converted into electricity – they are most commonly known for being the driving force behind solar panels. Solar panel phone screens are a recent addition to possible technologies that promote prolonging battery life and conserving energy in mobile phones.
Generally, they work by soaking up energy received from the sun’s rays and then converting it into useable electricity. This is a practice in the context of mobile phones is relatively new found and has not seen widespread commercialization. As with any young technology, there of course comes disadvantages with its use and function.
However, in this case the benefits seem to outweigh the shortcomings as there is little harm done towards the environment. Various companies are showed a direct interest in the future of solar powered screens, larger companies such as Apple (Apple patent hints at potential solar cell embedded touch screens, p2) have in fact shared job listings in relation to the development of this technology in their future phones.

What it is?
Solar panel phone screens are simply another way to reduce the toll of high energy consumption found in phone devices today. It is a pre-existing technology and idea, the same design comes from traditional solar panels which receive sun light, and large enough to offer considerable electricity to power an entire household.
Solar panel phone screens can be described as a more portable and compact rendition
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