Solar Power And Solar Energy

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Solar Power Author Ming Zhang Abstract: this paper introduce solar power from several aspect. The situation of solar energy, the application we find in modern life. Let us to know the solar panel and two basic kind of solar farm. Finally, it illustrate the structure of PV cell, calculate the efficiency and introduce us one new kind of solar converters. Index terms: Solar Power, application Solar farm, Photovoltaic, converter Introduction As solar power take an more and more important roll in today’s world, we need to know this clear resource and understand how to use it. In this paper, we will discuss about solar energy, it’s application in real life, solar panel, two kinds of solar farm, PV cell and converter. I. Solar Energy and Application Solar energy is energy that we can get from the sun.[1] In electrical filed, we use solar panel to get power to create electricity, the power we get is solar power. Fig. 1. solar panel under the sun(image from[1]) “The average solar power incident on the Earth is ~1000Wm-2(~100mWcm-2) or about 150 000TW. This power is far larger than the world power consumption in 2010 of ~18 TWth”[2]. From above we can easily find that the energy of solar power has great potential storage. It is about 10000 times of total world’s power consumption. With so Great development prospect, companies try to find whether it can be develop. Solar power has so many advantages for us to use: 1.Solar power slow
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