Solar Power Cars : Solar Cars

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Solar powered cars are around now a days. They truly are an advancement in technology and they are environment friendly. With electric cars being made should we invest more time and money into solar powered cars? We have some people in this world that would say yes, yes we should invest time and money into these solar powered cars, but then you have the other people saying no don’t. Although solar power cars are environment friendly and help to save the planet, people believe solar power cars shouldn’t be built just yet because they are extremely expensive to make, most solar power cars can only fit one person so they are inconvenient, and they only run when it’s a sunny day if it happens to be cloudy that day you will have no car. When people say yes to solar power cars being built they don’t think about anything else, “Yes, make it”. Most people don’t realize the amount of money that can be invested into one solar car. Some solar cars can reach the 200,000 dollar range, which is a price your average American cannot afford. Now why would you’re average person buy a 200,000 dollar environment friendly car when they could spend a whole of a lot less on a car that might function the same or even better. Another con to solar powered cars is that they are inconvenient, by this I mean that most solar power cars can fit only one person in them. Most of the solar cars made get used in racing competitions. I mean solar car races have been around for a long time as stated by Paul
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