Solar Power : The Future Of Solar Energy

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In our everyday life we use electricity without thinking how important it is to us. We use it to power our homes with gas, light, and heat. The bills we receive to keep this electricity could be easily reduced by looking at an energy source that gives our environment a clean and renewable energy source. This is a simpler, cheaper, cleaner, and all-around better energy solution known as solar energy. Solar energy is energy transformed from sunlight when the sun's rays hit the solar panels.The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic(PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day, thus providing living conditions while saving money and energy (Technology review). Solar energy is an efficient method of energy because it provides a clean energy source and it lowers the cost of electricity.
On the one hand, some argue that solar energy is to be one of the most efficient forms of energies produced. Solar energy is a brilliant form of electricity produced by panels that over time will benefit by reducing the cost of your electricity. In an industrial park near the shore of Lake Erie, the future of the solar power industry is under construction. SolarCity is a factory being constructed in Buffalo, New York and is being built and paid for by the state of New York. This is a $750 million dollar project that is being constructed for price benefits for both businesses and homes (Technology Review). The author believes that SolarCity

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