Solar Power : The Origin Of Solar Energy

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Solar Power
I.Introduction - The Origin of Solar Energy
Solar energy is a photovoltaic effect. It is the act of electricity generated from sunlight. Sunlight begins with the sun. The sun is made up of four layers which are: the core, the radiative zone, the convective zone, and the photosphere. These layers have their own purposes that creates light. Light is a form of radiation, electromagnetic radiation, which is made up of photons. The core produces the energy by hydrogen atoms(H). Then it converts to nuclei of helium. The temperature of the sun is 5,778 Kelvin (9940.73 Fahrenheit) because of how much pressure it has. The pressure creates Nuclear Fusion which is what creates heat and light. After the light is created, it travels as both waves and particles. Light also does not need the help of matter to travel throughout space. The distance between Earth and the Sun is 92.96 million miles away. It takes eight minutes and twenty seconds for light to reach Earth even at the speed of light!
II. First Discovery of Solar Energy
Before it was discovered, ancient greeks and romans had uses for the suns way for their way of culture. It was used from luxury purposes to religious ceremonies. The Romans had bathhouse or known as saunas that had warm water for people to relax in. This was heated up by the sun’s rays of light which made it perfect for the romans bathe in. In other cases, some of it was used in Greeks’ religious activities like lighting up torches using burning
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