Solar Power Vs. Wind Power

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Have you ever thought about green energy? Well if you have, I am sure that you have heard of solar power and wind power. There are also other forms of green energy, but they are not used as much as solar or wind power, but solar vs, wind power is one the most debated topics in green energy. This topic is controversial because the world is beginning to switch to renewable green energy and people and politicians are debating which energy source they should use. Solar power is a better option than wind power.
There are many reasons why solar power is better than wind power. One of the reasons is that solar panels take less maintenance than wind turbines. Standard warranties normally last 25-years; and this includes any repairs and damages that could occur to the solar panel. An example of this is if a tree were to fall onto a group of solar panels from a storm and it was within the 25-year warranty, then the company that made the solar panel would come and repair or replace the broken or damaged panels. Wind turbines have shorter warranties from the manufacturers, and this should make people less certain of their reliability. The solar panel companies also have a guarantee that a solar panel's efficiency won’t drop below a certain percentage over its lifespan, this percentage is normally in the range of 85-90% efficiency. Also, solar panels are made of tempered glass which is made to withstand hail and other damaging weather. Solar panels don’t have any moving parts like a wind
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