Solar Roadways Essay

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Imagine a world with safer roads. A world where the roads would warn you of dangers with LED lights, have heaters to melt snow, generate electricity, and overall benefit the economy. Scott Brusaw, an electrical engineer, and his wife, Julie Brusaw, a counselor, are the Co-Inventors of Solar Roadways. Solar roadways are a series of structurally engineered solar panels that can be driven on, which would replace asphalt roads. Solar Roadways would collect energy and then distribute it to our homes and businesses in order to replace the need for fossil fuels and better the economy. This past February, four students at North Dakota State University were killed in a car crash during a snowstorm. They were driving back from Minneapolis,…show more content…
"Solar-powered 'smart' Roads Could Zap Snow, Ice." CNN. Cable News Network, 19 Jan. 2011. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. . Solar Roadways is not being built right now is because maintenance for them has not yet been developed. Scott Brusaw and his team are still trying to figure out several things. First of all, because solar panels will be made from glass, it will be difficult to keep them clean in order for people driving to be able to see the lights and signs that the panels will have. Some sort of cleaning process is still being made so that either the roads are self-cleaning, or a cleaning crew will be trained and a time and process for cleaning will be made. “In addition, the cost of repairing these solar panels is likely more expensive than it would be for fixing ordinary, asphalt roads. The company says it could utilize a type of self-cleaning glass to keep the surface clear of dirt and grime, but this process is yet unproven.” (Al-Khatib, Talal. "How would solar roadways work?" 29 August 2012. 25 October 2012.) “For all its benefits, the solar panel highways are a costly proposition. While the manufacturing cost of a single panel is about $7,000, the plan of laying them on the highway expanse would mean a financial loss of billions. Apart from the installation cost, implementation training, and maintenance would create major cost chunks. It would easily take several years before the return on investments

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