Solar Warming Essay

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Article Critical Analysis
The title of the article is ‘Potential of Utilizing Solar Cooling in the University of Jordan’; this article is published in ‘Energy Conversion and Management’ journal in 2013. This article is written by collaboration between many researchers and professors in two universities in Jordan; The University of Jordan and Al-Zaytoonah Privet University of Jordan. This article available online from SienceDirect search engine. The authors wrote this article to investigate the ability of utilizing the solar energy in cooling purposes in order to ameliorate the air quality inside the building.
The article study is conducted in a scientific research in the University of Jordan called Hamdy Mango center. The data is
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The article is well structured; the abstract of this article includes a motivation for the study, problem statement, study approach or how this research was conducted, the results of this research and finally the implication related to the results they obtain, all these elements make a high quality abstract. Then, the introduction in this article is divided into three parts; firstly, a background for the whole topic, secondly, the literature review and that was including nine previous studies, finally, the goal of the work. Thereafter, a theoretical background includes the theory that the researchers rely on to conduct their study, the gap of the study, and followed by the importance of the research. Subsequently, the results take the majority of the article due to significance of this section.
The article is very credible source because of the credentials of the authors, the article is relatively culture, it is a peer reviewed paper, most of the references includes in this paper are published within the past 10 years, the audiences in this paper are the
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