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1. SOLDIER ISSUES: As your Team Leader, it is my responsibility to know about all of your problems, issues, or anything that is affecting you negatively. Communication is very important, if you do not want to bring you problem to me, you may speak with the Chaplin or anyone in your chain of command, we are here for you. 2. MILITARY BEARING: When dealing with anyone senior in rank to you, handle yourself with absolute professionalism. You will use proper Military etiquette when addressing any OFFICER or NCO. This means ALWAYS standing at either Attention or Parade Rest, as the situation dictates. There is no variation to this. You should never have to be reminded of this because it is showing proper respect. I don’t care if you…show more content…
PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES: You will be required to perform a thorough PMCS every time you operate e a vehicle and/or equipment, as well as at appropriate intervals as required. Command maintenance is performed every Monday morning in this company on vehicles and equipment as necessary. During this time you will have the appropriate technical manual (TM -10) out and in your hands, going by the numbers. No one in this squad will say “I have it memorized”, or “I know it by heart”. You are also assigned a weapon and a protective mask that you will maintain and PMCS. This is your assigned equipment not mine. No one will take care of your equipment like you will. 6. POLICY LETTERS / BARRACKS: You will adhere to all Division, Discom, Bn., and Company policy letters (BEQ/SSQ). You will read through the book, and sign the roster at the end of the book stating that you have read and understand each one. The following items will be done prior to 0630 every duty day! a. You will remove all trash from your room. b. Pick up everything that does not belong on the floor (i.e. Dirty clothes, beer bottles, etc.). c. Make your bed up neat, and overall ensure the appearance of your room is straight. 1.) You will not smoke in the common areas. You are NOT permitted to smoke in your room. 2.) Drinking is allowed in the BEQ if, and ONLY if you are 21
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