Soldier Girls Weaves Together The Tales Of Three Women

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Helen Thorpe’s novel Soldier Girls weaves together the tales of three women, Michelle Fischer, Debbie Helton, and Desma Brooks, in the Indiana National Guard who deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Although quite an age difference exists between these three women and each holds opposing political views, they come together to be close friends in the end. These soldiers from the Indiana National Guard – one an eighteen-year-old struggling college student, one a single mom of three, and one a lively forty-one-year-old beauty salon manager – never imagined that they would serve in war. The story demonstrates their life-changing experiences while serving in the military and how that affected their personal lives and family relationships. Besides being united under the same gender, these three women are also connected by their socioeconomic class. Michelle, Debbie, and Desma had no patriotic intention to enlist, but the monetary benefit convinced them to make this life-changing decision. Belonging to the lower income working class, these women could not help but think that a couple extra thousand dollars could substantially assist their household. Citizens, especially those from the bottom of the social hierarchy chain, join the service not from a sense of duty but as a job. Michelle, Debbie, and Desma overlooked their fears over the economic incentives. Historically, mostly men served in the military as they possessed the quality to be courageous and warrior-like. But in recent…

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