Soldier Mental Health

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Some of the strengths of Fort Bragg are the number of resources that are available such as physical therapy, dietitians, psychologists, and counsellors. Because of a soldier’s hazardous duties, there are a lot of cases of injuries. One of the main ways to recover is through physical therapy. Therapists create a plan for work and home, in order to maximize the patient’s potential. The drawback to being injured is the inability to maintain high to normal level of activity, thus the soldier can weight. To prevent any sanction, the soldier seeks help from the dietitian who helps to create a meal plan for work and home. The same injured soldier, sometimes encounter mental pressure from peers and leaders. This will affect the soldier mental health. Because most soldiers wait until late to get help, the army health department advertises through email the available recourses to help reduce harm and maximize mental health.
Healthy People 2020 objectives are “increase the proportion of adults who self-report good or better physical and mental health” (2016). The physical and mental healths not just affect the soldier but there is a ripple effect on peers, community, and the family.
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The greatest way to achieve this objective is through knowledge about where to go to get the available resources. To obtain a baseline and updated status after treatment, a questionnaire with 10-item global HRQOL scale on areas like as current health state, social and physical environments as suggested by Healthy People 2020 will be used (2014). The soldiers will be ask about their involvement within the society, work, home, and school. Assessing the level and the amount of friendship and social event attending will reflect on the solders mental
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