Soldiers At The United States Army

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Soldiers’ Preparation in the U.S. Army Similarly, United States Army has extreme concern with the specific preparation of Soldiers. Therefore, it has developed a program called Physical Readiness Training (PRT). The program’s goal is to train Soldiers to be ready to work in hard duties and sustain activity in assignments or in combat roles (FM 7-22, 2012). The PRT has a high concern with Soldiers health, presenting preparation, recovery, strength and mobility, posture and body mechanics activities. The PRT has three phases to develop in Soldiers the correct physical condition: the conditioning phase, the sustaining phase, and the reconditioning phase. First, the initial conditioning phase is responsible for the practice part in order to develop the movement skills the correct way and prepare Soldiers for the next phase. The second phase is the sustaining phase. This focus phase is to achieve in Soldiers a higher level of physical readiness required in specific tasks and maintain the level achieved. The last phase is the reconditioning phase. During this phase, the intention is to restore the previous physical fitness levels of Soldiers (FM 7-22, 2012). During PRT phases, there is concern in following the principles of the PRT, such as precision, progression, and integration, in order to provide all advantages of the program. Furthermore, the PRT tries to develop the endurance, the strength, and the mobility, considered fundamental components to the success of the
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