Soldier's Discharge Case Study

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The applicant requests an upgrade of his general, under honorable conditions discharge to honorable. The applicant states, in effect that the reason for his discharge was based on a series of events that spans almost 3 years. The applicant states that in April of 2011 a future Soldier Ms. G., deliberately missing he ship date, she was considered a Delayed Entry Program (DEP) loss, and was discharged from the FS program. The applicant further states that the next day Ms. G. came into the station and told the station commander that he knew exactly where she was, he had been in contact with her the entire time, and he had petitioned her for sex and sent her a photo of his genitals. The applicant contends that an AR 15-6 investigation reached the conclusion, that there was no evidence to substantiated her claim. The applicant states that he was separated from the Army under paragraph 14-2c misconduct (serious offense) for the allegations that was…show more content…
The applicant further contends that there was undue command influence to initiate punishment and he was given a general officer memorandum of reprimand, months later he received an Article 15, and was administrative
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